Dentists displaying the logo are members of the Baselland section of the Swiss Dental Association SSO.

You can put your trust in them because.....

..... dentists who are members of the Swiss Dental Association SSO guarantee high-quality treatment that meets your needs at a fair price. They sign up to the quality and transparency guidelines of the SSO and must undertake continuing professional development. They are obliged to charge for treatment according to the SSO scale of fees.

..... every SSO-Baselland dentist must participate in the official emergency dental service. In the event of a dental emergency, you should always try to contact your own dentist first. However, if they are not available, you have guaranteed access to an on-call colleague via the official emergency dental hotline 061 261 15 15.

..... if you are unhappy with any dental treatment you have received or a dentist's bill, you can contact SSO-Baselland.

It will then help you achieve a fair resolution of the problem. Click here to find out more about the commission of dental experts (ZBK). Please note that this service only applies to dentists displaying the SSO-Baselland logo. If your dentist is not a member of SSO then your only option is to pursue the matter through the courts, which may be lengthy and expensive.

..... they offer children between the ages of 3 and 5 three free check-ups (by means of a voucher you can request from a paediatrician).

..... you can contact SSO-Baselland or consult its website to find dentists who offer a domiciliary service (care homes, hospitals).

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